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RMWT Mentor Directory

The listed members of Rocky Mountain Woodturners have volunteered to be mentors for those who would like to discuss and practice woodturning techniques that they have not yet mastered.

Definition: Member volunteers that will share advise and/or instruct in specific areas of their expertise. They desire to help turners overcome challenges and provide hands-on guidance in techniques.

Please directly contact a mentor if you would like to participate.


Areas of Expertise

Phone # & Email address

Doug Schneiter


Hollow Forms, General Turnings & Tool Sharpening


Tom Wirsing


Platters / 2 step turning process & or Tool steels and grinders


Harry Farmer




John Giem



Photography / Woodbank & cutting blanks / Vacuum Chucking Systems / General Turning

(970) 227-6618

Dave Landers

Bowls / Hollow forms /Chainsaw operation /Computer video

303-506-8341 or dave@dlwoodturning.com

Bob Franklin

Stabilizing / Casting / General turning / turning & polishing plastics

303-579-7325 or btheb66@gmail.com

Clarence Sitzman


970-980-8403 or seesitzman@aol.com

Dan Swaim

Segmented Turning

970-689-4071 danjswaim@aol.com

If you would also like your name to be added to this list please contact Hoyle Curtis at hoyle.curtis@gmail.com with the above information.

April 2023