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We meet the Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month, 6:15 pm.

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2018 Membership dues are $40, family $55 and student $25. Dues may be given to or mailed to Vice President, Pam Felton (921 Shoshoni, Cheyenne, WY 82009). We now offer online membership as well. Please click here for the membership page. Your membership card will get you a discount at several local turning supply retail stores (see the Resources page.)

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The annual EOG process will conclude shortly, so please consider applying. See details at the following link: RMWT EOG Guidelines and Application(pdf).

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Upcoming Meetings

Meetings of the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Club are held monthly at Woodcraft in Loveland located at 3718 Draft Horse Drive in Loveland, CO. For directions go to Woodcraft/Loveland or call 970.292.5940. Click here for upcoming meetings and scheduled events.

Up Coming Meetings

March 8, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Rick Orr - Threaded Elk Antler Box

Rick Orr is a member of AAW, a member of the RMWT (Rocky Mountain Woodturners), and past President of the FRW (Front Range Woodturners) based in Denver, CO. He is recognized for both his Rainsticks and his bamboo Fly Rod Tubes, demonstrating both of those items at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium. He has demonstrated for the RMWT (Loveland, CO), FRW (Denver, CO), Pueblo Woodturners (Pueblo, CO), and the Yellowstone Woodturners (Billings, MT). This will be Rick’s third visit as a demonstrator to the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium. Rick is a retired Montana State University Chemical Engineer, having worked most of his adult career for General Electric. Rick resides in the Denver, CO metro area. He can be contacted at rickorr.1848@yahoo.com. Rick’s bamboo Fly Rod Tubes are featured at www.fishtailflyrodtubes.com.

In this demo, Rick will turn a threaded box utilizing elk antler for the main body, with Corian pieces for the base and threaded lid. The threads will be made utilizing a “threading jig” and will NOT be hand chased. Rick will walk you through the use of the threading jig for both male and female threads. In this demo, the female threads will be made in the elk antler and the male threads in the Corian lid.

While this demo is geared towards the use of a mechanical threading jig, it will also implore the use of basic jam chucks plus threaded jam chucks.

A quick review will be made of elk antler as a turning media, the choice of antler pieces, where to get the antler, and it’s relative price. Rick will also cover the use of Corian as a turning media, it’s preparation, glue up, and acquisition. Finish techniques are simply sanding up to 12000 grit using Micro-Mesh products for all the pieces, with no other finish applied.

April 5, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Kailee Bosch & Trent- Embellished Hollowform

Kailee is a artist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is currently pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture from Colorado State University. Her practice originated from her fathers shop and growing up around the world of woodturning. She is currently interested in using the lathe as a tool to turn paper as well as wood, both functionally and sculpturally.

Trent -Working with wood is part of my everyday life. It is my connection to the earth and the environment in which I live. While pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and sculpture, I became interested in the art of woodturning.

My philosophy has always been to work in harmony with our environment and not to destroy something in order to create something. In all my art, I use only recycled and easily sustainable woods. Being conscious of this has allowed me to work with the subtle beauty and dimension this discarded wood possesses.

My intent as an artist is to express my feelings about nature, my family and natural processes. I work in series or bodies of work, which allows me to explore these issues in depth. Throughout the creative process I am continually reminded that I have not and will not ever be content. I will continue to create and strive for that body of work that has yet to be conceived.

Topic will be Hollowing with Trent and Embellishing with Kailee. Basically Trent will turn a hollow form, and hand it over to Kailee and she will show multiple techniques for embellishment.

May 2, 2018 Hands On Class

Instructor: Jason Clark

Location: Denver, CO

Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cost: $125.00

Contact: dcfanning@aol.com

Students attending this class should be experienced and comfortable with bowl turning and spindle work. This is NOT a class for new turners. The morning will be spent making two and three axis spindles and ultimately a twisted lidded box. In the afternoon we will make an ultra-thin parting tool and a Saturn Bowl with an offset ring. This is a fast paced class meant for intermediate turners.

May 3, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Jason Clark - Unconventional Hollowing – Turning the Torus

I’ve been heavily involved in Woodturning for just over a decade being primarily self taught in my modest 2 car garage in my spare time. I’ve spent the past 7 years in leadership positions with the Arizona Woodturners Association in Phoenix (Vice President 2009-2011, President 2012-2014, Vice President 1st half of 2015) and volunteered as the Local Liason, the primary point of contact at the local level, for the 2014 AAW Symposium in Phoenix. My work strives to feature and highlight the natural character of the wood, including natural defects and flaws. Wood often has such beautiful contrast between the dark heartwood and the lighter sapwood and I often orient the wood so that the work features this contrast. My finishes are basic oil finishes to enhance the natural figure and color of the wood without major alterations. The woods have been acquired primarily from various local sources including fellow woodturners and storm damaged trees from my neighborhood and the surrounding urban areas. I'm in the process of relocating to the Chicago area and I'm looking forward to exploring a whole new variety of local woods.

Attendees will see a short presentation of some of my work as well as a preview of the evening’s project. The demonstration will focus on the turning of a torus shaped hollow form including an unconventional approach to hollowing as well as methods for reverse chucking including a unique double walled vacuum drum.

June 7, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Christian Brisepierre - Oval Bracelet

July 5, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Dan Swaim - Segmented Turning: Efficiency and Safety

Dan Swaim is a retired mechanical engineer residing in Fort Collins, CO. A wood worker for forty years, he has been a turner for about four years. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Wood Turners.

Segmented wood turning offers great flexibility in design and wood usage, buts has some inherent risks and is often thought to be too time-consuming for the casual turner. With a focus on safety, this demonstration covers various efficiencies through design, cutting and gluing, mounting and turning processes that streamline the various tasks. A focus on grain selection provides insight on how to bet "a better bowl" both in construction and appearance.

Segmented Turning Worksheets on Resource Page